Innovation & Challenge、Pursuit of Efficiency、Vision & Strategies、Sustainable Business Philosophy
Hwan Perng International Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, served in various applications covering a variety of manufacturers markets including high-quality raw materials for industrial, household, personal care, home care and various types of surfactants, cosmetics, special chemicals, etc. Adhering to the provision of comprehensive services and consultation, solve and supply a variety of solutions for customers with long-term accumulated expertise and experience.
Serve Diligently、Trust & Integrity、Positive Enthusiasm
Our vision is to provide high-quality raw materials, promote various services with enthusiasm and hard efforts to create benefits, establish long-term stable partnerships and growth, and create a win-win situation with customers and suppliers.
Business Philosophy & Core Values
HPIC has always been adhering to the spirit of serve diligently、trust & integrity、positive enthusiasm with an experienced technical team and qualified suppliers to develop and expand the supply of raw materials, provides corporately professional knowledges, and develops new products to customers.
We focus on business management and employees, perform our commitments and responsibilities in good faith, obtain long-term transactions and support, affirmation and trust from customers and suppliers, and maintain long-term stable relationships. All colleagues abide by the company's business philosophy and implement work in line with the spirit of consistent service continues for the needs of the business, to grow and thrive, and to operate sustainably.